Approaching our 25th Anniversary in 2012, we were intent on celebrating with some snappy self-marketing, as firms like to do. After all, 25 years… in Rhode Island? Come on. A small business should take the time to reflect on the successes and failures of it’s tenure, right? Well, we did come up with a new internal tagline: “Celebrating 25 years…last year.” The reality is our energy goes into navigating the next group of challenges. Of course our 25+ years experience has created a strong sense of balance and foundation to help guide us and our clients. Balance is the key word. It says something about us individually and as a company. It says that we strive to balance life and work. It says that the right balance can reward a small, busy firm with stability and longevity. It says that each day can start fresh with new creativity and focus. (Insert Powerpoint slide here) “We try to maintain a balanced blend of interpersonal skills, professional background and understanding to deliver a high quality product on time and within budget.” I’ve used that description before but it still works. Our balanced range of services includes graphic design, branding/logo development, advertising, collateral design, package design, event themes/planning, environmental graphics and web development. It’s all part of communicating and part of us.  Meet the team:   Robert Falcone     Sara Beatrice     Lindsay Letourneau