A graduate of the University of Delaware, Sara has been with Falcone since 1997 and still can’t get fired. Her experience runs the gamut. From branding, to event planning and design, designing a custom hand-made award to hand-binding a memory book for a CEO of a major bank, she loves a challenge be it design or logistical.

Pretty damn good at naming a song within the first 3 seconds (maybe even the first two notes) / A good multi-tasker, thus has managed to not totally screw up the art of working full-time and taking care of two cute and sassy daughters / Has an affinity for collecting beautiful hand-made papers to craft but refuses to use them as they are too beautiful / Secretly aspires to make a career of reviewing cute animal videos, further securing her spot as a crazy cat lady / Good at catching the team off-guard for impromptu brain-storming / A wizard under a time-constraint and creating a great design with minimal direction and content /  Would pretty much do anything for an Allie’s Doughnut